Why Tellywood has got it all wrong. 

People must understand that killing off a character is not the solution to your TRP problems. some viewers invest their time and emotions on these characters, it takes time to love these characters, to relate to them, to understand their pain. you can’t just kill off one character and expect the viewers to accept the new one that easily (no matter how much u love the actor). Its a stupid solution. Period.

The saddest part of it all is if the CVs could not even hold true to the original RR story, how can we expect them to go about with this new track? This was not even planned. Its going to be random unplanned episodes here and there. It will be a mess. 

And lets face it what if this new track does not raise the TRPs? What are they going to do then? just shut down the show? Then what will be the point of breaking the heart of all those dedicated fans out there? Paro and Rudra should have at least gotten their happy ending. I seriously don’t understand tellywood at all. You NEED to find other solutions if you want to raise your TRPs, be more creative and think outside the box for once. please. 

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