Paro never died. Paro just lost her memory that day and somehow by the twist of fate Garima and Shashi found her and adopted her. They named her Khushi. Kushi then met Arnav Singh Raizada and everything changed. Arnav loved Khushi very much. She was his life. She found a man who would love her till his last breath not hers. she found the love she deserved. Arnav and Khushi lived happily ever after (also-because-arnav-was-not-a-man-who-said-love-happens-only-once-but-was-desperately-trying-to-bang-another-woman). The end. 


You know what i think?..i think this is a ‘fuck you’, a ‘fuck you’ to all the Parud fans out there from the CVs. We don’t just “sit and pass judgements”, we invest our emotions and our time in your stupid show but how would you know when you are busy being such a sellout. Sorry for being the emotional fool here. Sorry for thinking that you would ever care about our feelings. You have no right to call it your “baby” or your “creation” when you can’t even fight for it and you butcher it so heartlessly. You have no right to call yourself writers, you are just posers and sellouts. 

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